The Baker Report December 22, 2023 – Christmas Special – The Road To Bethlehem Private Video (Scheduled)

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Jake Baker
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I can imagine all of heaven scurrying about in anticipation of this birth that would mark the redemption of mankind and all creation. Imagine the trumpeted heralds filling heaven with the announcement of the royal birth. There is noise, preparation, angels being dispatched here and there, while heaven’s choir exalts with joy that can scarcely be contained even by the vastness of heaven. Then suddenly everything abruptly ends.
All of heaven stops and there is a hush, a quiet only heaven can know. And just as suddenly, it is the first Christmas and the floodgates of joy and love which have been in reserve from all eternity, surge across the heavens. The joy quickly spreads from the throne room and fills the halls and rooms and every crack and crevasse of heaven. But even the expanse of heaven can’t contain the unbridled joy as the very air and sky come alive with the rapturous glory of the event. Even then there is more exultation and joy than heaven can hold, and the sounds of that Christmas burst across the universe and reach all the way to earth itself and to the dark skies above the plains of Bethlehem.